I had the pleasure & luck of being introduced to IV Law firm in 2022 for the closing of my condo. I dropped my lawyer to work with them mid transaction as my previous lawyer was the most disconnected, for herself and incompetent person.

From the first conversation with Uma, I felt immediately connected and seen. All my questions were patiently answered and with great detail. Her and Iyengaran took the time to ensure I understood any terms that were confusing to me and I never felt rushed, like a bother or as though they were just looking to make a dollar off me.

It was the most stressful and disappointing transaction in terms of the deal I was getting from the lender (for many reasons), but IV Law held my hand through it all and made the process seamless amidst the stress.

Now that I have sold the property this year, I immediately sought their counsel to transact on my behalf because of their work ethic, compassion, and honesty. They are masters of their craft, thorough, patient and passionate, but more importantly, they believe in nurturing professional long term relationships with each client. No doubt they are the top law firm I’ll turn to for my future legal needs.

Thank you IV Law for everything!